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Custom Furniture: You Can Have Whatever You Like

What comes to mind when you think of custom furniture?

You probably think of tables and beds, and you would be correct in thinking so. However, when The Corbel says that we do custom furniture, what we really mean is that we can custom build any piece that fits your home or business perfectly. This can include, but is not limited to, hood vents, mantels, cabinets, tables, benches, desks, beds, and swings.

We make all of our furniture from reclaimed wood and often incorporate architectural salvage to make your dream piece unique. The console above features sliding doors made from antique door panels, and the natural wood contrasted with the whitewash makes this a standout piece perfect for a living or dining room.



This beautiful dining room table is one-of-a-kind. It features two leaves in the center of the table, and when they are removed, the table converts into a round table. Talk about functionality!

Spoiler alert!

The key to a one-of-a-kind custom table is not always the tabletop. You would be surprised with how much of an impact a standout base makes..

We love to use antique corbels as table legs and the example above is no exception! If you are looking for an iron base table, we also keep a selection of antique iron bases that range from industrial to traditional.


Basket weave table tops are highly sought after, and we totally understand why. The craftsmanship that goes into the making these beauties is evident from their intricate tops to their custom-built bases.

Don’t you love this twist on a traditional farmhouse table? We surely do! The X pattern on the sides adds the perfect amount of detail, while still keeping this piece rustic.


This bar height table would be perfect with industrial bar stools or even used as a kitchen island!

Here at The Corbel, we are not limited to dining tables. We make all the tables! From sofa tables, coffee tables, foyer tables, bedside tables, and much more, The Corbel does it all.

Let us craft the perfect table for you!


We all have stuff; many of us have too much stuff. Where do we often store said stuff? Cabinets! Cabinets may be one of the most practical items of furniture in your home, but just because they are practical, doesn’t mean it can’t be a statement piece.

These cabinets are definitely a favorite around here, and it’s not hard to see why. The antique shutters, re-purposed antique door panels, antique beaded board, and crown molding really make these statement pieces that are sure to draw attention in any room. Of course, these are just a few examples, and we can customize to your specific dimensions and style preferences because HELLLOOOO, its CUSTOM FURNITURE. You get to make it your own!


Just take a minute to stop and stare…….

Okay, now that you have had a chance to stop gawking, I need to break some news to you: this is not your house, those are not your corbels, and that is not your custom mantle.

HOWEVER, don’t let that get you down because…….

(pause for dramatic effect)

YOU can have a custom mantle and antique corbels to match, and it is all made possible by, yep you guessed it, your’s truly: THE CORBEL.

We specialize in custom mantles as well as beam mantles, and our vast antique corbel selection is sure not to disappoint.

We are in love with this whitewash beam and custom made corbels; a perfect combination of rustic and traditional.

This mantle is truly one-of-a-kind! The architectural salvage pieces used to create the simple but elegant design really draw your attention and add that special “Wow!” effect. If you are interested in a mantle that incorporates architectural salvage, give us a call or visit us to see our current stock for yourself!

Hood Vents

Lots of us spend ample time in the kitchen, even if cooking is not your thing. It’s where we gather with family and friends to hang out because, let’s be honest, no hang out is complete without food. Show off your personality and style with a custom hood vent!

To design the perfect hood vent for you, first, you need to pick out your corbels, then select any additional architectural salvage you would like to incorporate (beams, trim, etc), next you chose the shape you would like your hood to take, and finally, you chose your finish.

From rustic to traditional and everything in between, we can help you design the perfect hood vent to complement your space and show off your individual style.


This intricate hood vent is definitely the focal point of this kitchen and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Paired perfectly with matching shelves, the natural wood is the perfect pop against the white subway tile and wall.


How you live, dictates the type of bed you need, and we are here to help you determine just what that looks like for you.

This client was in desperate need of more storage, so we incorporated drawers into the base of the bed. Ask and you shall receive.

Adjustable mattresses are SUPER popular right now, however, many times the bases that you have to use for these mattresses to work are less than aesthetically pleasing. This bed was designed specifically for an adjustable mattress so that the client could have a bed that was both comfortable and stylish. DOUBLE . WIN .

You may notice that this bed’s foot board is a little higher than normal. This bed was designed around the thickness of the client’s mattress. They had a thicker mattress, so therefore they needed us to build them a bed with a higher headboard and foot board; and we were happy to do so!

Untitled design (57).png

Sometimes, you don’t even need a custom bed frame when you have a showstopper headboard. This client had us use a pair of our specialty, one-of-a-kind doors to make their custom headboard.

These doors were truly special, but luckily for you, The Corbel is good at finding rare beauties like this. So even though you can’t have this EXACT headboard, we can always find you something equally as gorgeous that will be unique to you.


These mirrored console tables and matching shelves were made for a dear client in Nashville, and we love how they decided to use these pieces. One of the perks of these tables is that they look like built-ins, but they can be moved if necessary. We ship all over the United States, so you don’t have to be local to have a custom piece of furniture built by The Corbel.

Side note: the consoles above were actually built 10 years ago; talk about timeless!

This desk was made to meet the specific needs of one of our clients who wanted a standing desk. The metal base contrasted with the stained wood makes this piece the perfect combination of industrial and traditional. Don’t worry, if standing while doing your office work isn’t your thing (aka me), we build normal sit-down desks as well.


Notice how the back of this bench is an antique door that has been re-purposed. We aren’t trying to toot our own horn, BUT…….. you definitely won’t be able to find this anywhere else.

This bench is another example of how we incorporate architectural salvage in the pieces that we build. The sides of the bench are actually panels from an antique door. If you look closely, you will notice that the top of the seat lifts up for maximum storage and practicality.


Already have your dream dining table, but you can’t seem to find a matching bench that fits? No worries, we can custom build you the perfect bench for your table and space! With many different finishes to chose from, all you have to do is communicate to us the look you are going for.


This bench was made to go against the walls of a breakfast nook to provide more seating in a small place. We love the creativity this client showed with their vision!

What’s your vision?


Oh, the coveted bed swing! This is one of our best sellers; I’m sure you understand why. We can make this swing to your specified dimensions and can alter specific design aspects to your liking.

This elegant grey-wash swing would look beautiful on any front porch, patio, or outdoor living area. Its a great option for those who don’t have room for a bed swing, or for those who just prefer a traditional swing.

Commercial Furniture

Check out this front desk that we built using antique siding!

This functional conference table features cutouts down the center of the table to allow for computer cords to go through so that the work area is neat, tidy, and professional.

From conference tables to front desks and everything in between, we’ve got your business covered. Keep in mind that these are just a couple of examples and we can tailor make anything to fit you and your business’s needs.

The Process

When you go through the custom furniture design process with Don, you can make any specifications you may need. At The Corbel, we strive to meet every furniture need that our clients may have and we are happy to assist you through this process.

Before you call to make an appointment to design your piece, we recommend taking the time to think through a few things:

  1. What functional purpose do I need this piece to meet?

  2. What dimensions do I need this piece to be?

  3. What look am I trying to achieve with this piece?

  4. Is everyone involved (husband/wife, etc.) in agreement about the answers to questions 1, 2, & 3?

    If you are local and are having trouble in this area, feel free to come in and look at some of our custom furniture that we have in the storefront and to ask us any questions that you may have. If you are not local, check out our website at, send us an email at or give us a call at 225-654-0130, and we will be happy to help you find clarity on these issues.

Once you are ready, call our storefront or come in, to make an appointment with Don.

You will need to be able to relay the purpose, dimensions, and look you want for your piece to him during this meeting.

We also recommend coming with some sort of visual. Below, we have included some examples of what we mean by this. Notice that they can be as basic or detailed as you like; it could even be on a sticky note! Just as long as we have something to go off of.

During this meeting, Don will sketch the design of your piece of furniture and make notations on the order form about any design, and functional aspects.

He will also give you a price estimate and a time estimate. Once you pay the deposit (half of the estimate), your piece is added to the queue and you are ready to go!

Once your furniture is done, we will give you a call to let you know you can come pick it up, or we can deliver for a fee if you are local.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us! We would love to hear from you.

If you are reading this and have purchased custom furniture from us, PLEASE send us pictures of it in your home at We love all of our clients, and thank you for letting us help you make your house a home.