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Makin' A Splash - The Pool House Project


Just in time for this warm Louisiana weather, we have another Charlet Bros. project that is sure to make a splash!

Equipped with handpicked architectural items from The Corbel, every inch of this place is gorgeous and FUN-CTIONAL!

charlet bros poolhouse outside.jpg

It's okay to imagine yourself floating around in that pool - we definitely are - and what a view!

charlet bros poolhouse exterior.jpg
charlet bros poolhouse exterior entry.jpg

Enter, paradise...

charlet bros poolhouse living area.jpg

Let's start in the living area. Imagine a full day out by the pool, a fresh sunburn and a little lounging under these gorgeous ceilings. Flip that fan on and a movie and that's summer, folks!

charlet bros poolhouse fireplace.jpg

Antique beaded board in assorted colors and reclaimed beams are displayed from one end of this beauty to the other.

charlet bros poolhouse interior.jpg
charlet bros poolhouse dining space.jpg

Head on over to the dining space and have a seat under that fabulous antique copper pendant! 

charlet bros poolhouse beadboard ceiling.jpg
charlet bros poolhouse interior2.jpg
charlet bros poolhouse kitchen.jpg

What's a luxury pool house without a state of the art outdoor kitchen?!

charlet bros outdoor kitchen.jpg
charlet bros poolhouse hardware.jpg

 Digging those sweet door handles? We have them at The Corbel - check out our selection on your next visit!

charlet bros poolhouse antique door.jpg
charlet bros outdoor bathroom.jpg

 A pool house without a place to change into your swimsuit? Not this beauty! How about the cutest water closet equipped with a reclaimed antique door picked right from our warehouse!

charlet bros beasley poolhouse outer.jpg

Well, we hate to swim and run but this daydreaming has to end. 

Interested in having your own pool house or outdoor space built? We'd love to talk to you about it! 

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