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Let's Make Some Rust - DIY

DIY rusted metal sign process

Hey there friends! We wanted to share with you a quick little DIY project we just finished at The Corbel.

We are going to keep this pretty simple, because this really is an easy one!

What are we making? RUST!

We get these sweet metal signs for the store, and while they look okay just plain silver, we wanted to add a little Louisiana patina - you know - to make them feel more at home.

DIY rust process
DIY rust process

Let's look at the ingredients you'll need:

White Vinegar

Hydrogen Peroxide


Rubber gloves & protective glasses *

*these ingredients are basic household items and are considered safe (venture at your own risk)

DIY rust recipe ingredients

We tried a few variations with these three ingredients but found the recipe below to work just fine!

Mix the following amounts in an empty spray bottle, (we used an old cleaner bottle and found that the finer the mist that the nozzle could produce - the better the results).

DIY rust recipe ingredients

This recipe should work on most plain metals that have no finish on them. When researching this topic, we found suggestions that the metal should be degreased first. We skipped this step and just wiped the signs down a bit. What can we say - we like to jump right in!

Begin by lightly misting the metal. This spraying process will take a few go-rounds if you're wanting a heavier rust. Let each coat dry a bit before spraying again.

DIY rust process
DIY rust process
DIY rust process
DIY rust final
DIY rust process

You can continue building the rust by spraying on top of each layer of rust. It's that simple!

DIY rust process

It's important not to overthink this, like we said, it's an easy project! The rust look will vary, we don't know why, we aren't scientists... we just like pretty things!

The whole process took a couple of hours, between coats and customers. The sunshine seems to help the process along. Once you have the look you want, let it fully dry and wah-lah! You're finished!

DIY rust final look
DIY rust finish
DIY rust finish
rusted louisiana sign
Rusted louisiana sign

We certainly aren't experts in rust-making, but this worked for us. Please don't hold us responsible for any unpleasant results. Like we said, we aren't scientists!

Leave us a comment if you've tried this or if you have any suggestions!

Go get rusty!

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