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Chalkboards are no longer just for the classroom – time to bring one home!

Chalkboards have been the "it" trend for a while and it doesn't look like this trend is going to fade out anytime soon.

Scribble down those grocery lists and busy schedules on a large custom chalkboard placed right in the heart of your kitchen. Or maybe you have a beautiful antique cypress table that hosts all the dinner parties? Accessorize your dining room with a custom chalkboard, and doodle a cute quote or blessing to make your guests feel extra loved! Have another idea? The options are limitless!

So, what makes our chalkboards unique?

Glad you asked!

The guys here at The Corbel make our beautiful chalkboards using antique windows, reclaimed cypress and colorful bead board. Character and functionality all in one piece! And of course, we make them in all sizes. The above picture is of our large (8'x10') custom chalkboard you can find hanging in our very own warehouse!

We also have some other unique chalkboard items in the store. Take a look at some of the sweet ways you can bring chalk home!

rotating chalkboard menu

double-sided, turning metal chalkboard used for fun menu display

chalk chargers

chalkboard chargers make for a unique guest placement

slate chalkboard cheeseboard

slate chalkboard trays great for labeling fun party foods

Hillary, our in-house chalk artist loves to play with chalk and you can find a fresh, happy piece each time you visit that's sure to spark some chalk-love.

window frame chalkboard

--But, you don't have to be an artist to make a happy chalkboard!

Check out our Pinterest board that's "chalked" full of doodle inspiration.

"Pinterest Printables"

We sure hope we have helped fan the flame of creativity. Why don't you come on by and let us help you get dusty!