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In Shades of Grey

charlet bros kitchen

Grey seems pretty popular these days, and here's why we agree...

Of course, nothing scandalous here - just clean and classic - a few pieces of furniture dressed in their best shades of grey.

For starters, what could be any better than reclaimed wood complete with knot holes, rough grain and raw edges?


greywash cypress
greywash herringbone
greywash frame

Just take it in... It's pretty fantastic, isn't it?

(The picture directly above is a frame that was finished using a liming wax that we sell, see the bottom of this post for more info. on this product).

Lately, the guys around here have been in the paint, the washes and the wax, and we are loving the products coming out of the shop!

Check out some of the beautiful furniture pieces below and tell us you don't agree with us...

greywash arched console
greywash arched console

Above is our arched console made out of antique dirtytop cypress and painted in a grey wash.

Doesn't that grey really bring out the character of the wood? Is it possible to be in love with wood?

We sure think so.

greywash antique baluster table
chippy greywash antique baluster

What can we say about this table except, WOW...

It's a beautiful collaboration of thick, reclaimed cypress and antique balusters with original chipping paint and washed in grey to unify the piece.

Hurry, this one is still here, it could be yours!

greywash antique baluster island

This massive island sits in the home of another Charlet Bros' build. A gorgeous slab of marble sits atop four antique reclaimed balusters that are so pretty we could cry.

A subtle light-grey was applied to the legs and bottom to marry the piece in perfect harmony.


greywash antique arched doorbed

Faux-finish, we love you.

This custom bed made out of antique doors looks perfect covered in the doors' original chipping paint. The added posts and architecture that formed this bed were faux-finished so well, it's hard to believe the bed hasn't been this way for years.

grey stain custom swing

Custom swing with all the right details? Yes, please!

This pretty little thing was a custom build and is finished in a grey exterior stain that's just perfect.

limewash french chairs

Accessorizing one of our own custom tables is a pair of chairs that can be ordered here at The Corbel.

Even though we didn't have a hand in making or finishing these chairs, we certainly are inspired by their light limed finish.

In addition to chalk paint, stains and washes, liming wax is another way to add a white or light grey-washed effect to your furniture or wood.

At The Corbel, we carry Briwax's Liming Wax and love it!

Click here to visit their website for more information about the product.

So, are you a fan of the all the grey going around? We'd love to know what you've bought or used a grey finish on. Shoot us an email, we'd sure like to see your perfect shade of grey!